Succulents By JMo

A blog about all things to do with succulents in Australia.

Graptoveria Succulents

One of my favourite succulents are the Graptoveria species.  Why? Its easy to care for, speed of growth, propagating ease and they look great. Also, they grow well in a pot or in the ground, in a sunny or shade position.  There are many different species of...

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What is a good succulent for the bathroom?

Succulents are still very much ‘on trend’.  Even if you are not a succulent enthusiast you are still likely to appreciate a succulent in a nice pot or container in someone’s home.  Especially if it is not a plastic one!   Horror of all horrors!!!!...

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Tips on buying an Ikea Kitchen!

If you are considering buying an Ikea kitchen and would like some tips on how to go about it – read on.  It is not as straight forward as you may think!  I would have loved to have heard someone’s thoughts and experiences before I went ahead.  I did search...

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Landscaping with succulents

Lots of people keep their succulents in pots so they can control their environment.  If you live anywhere in Australia you can grow almost any succulent in your garden.  Landscaping with succulents is a great idea as once they have established they do not need a lot...

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How long do succulents live?

I often wonder how long a succulent will live for when I buy it. I also have this thought when I have nurtured a succulent for a long period of time and then it dies. Do the different species and varieties live for different periods of time?  I think this is quite a...

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