Where can I buy Succulents online?

Where can I buy Succulents online?

As I have mentioned before in previous posts It is difficult to find a variety of succulents in Australia.  There are many more succulent varieties in the world than are available in Australia.  You see the same varieties your local hardware store or when Ikea or Aldi have a succulent sale there are rarely any new varieties that I have not seen.

Variegated Aeonium Echeveria Succulent Variegated Aeonium

With the popularity of succulents increasing, hardware stores and garden centres do have a bigger range than before but I am still unable to find the succulents that I see on Pinterest or on any American websites.

There are numerous websites around the world that sell succulents.  Unfortunately, however, they do not ship worldwide. Also due to Australian Agricultural and Environment laws that protect our Country we are unable to buy succulents from these websites.

The nursery that I found in McLaren Vale has a large variety – see my post :  A great succulent nursery in McLaren Vale. I am sure that each state in Australia has a good succulent nursery or two.  Plus each State/Territory in Australia has its own Cacti and Succulent Society which usually has a Fair where you can purchase succulents.   These sites normally list nurseries and garden centres where you can buy succulents.

Hillside Herbs

Of course, you can buy anything online.  I personally have not bought any succulents online but have completed a bit of research to find out what is available.

Succulent websites
Here are a few Australian websites that post to most States in Australia.

Based in Glenorie, New South Wales

This website gets my vote for the best Australian Succulent website.  It posts Australia wide to the States able to receive plant matter.  It has a ‘Caring for Succulents’ page and a huge range of succulents to choose from at reasonable prices. Each plant has a small description and care instructions – ie water and light requirements.  Prices range from $7 – $10.

Based in Rockhingham, Western Australia

This looks like a great succulent nursery..  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they post Australia wide but do have a delivery service for those of you who live in metropolitan Perth.  They do not have a huge selection but do sell mixed variety succulent trays.

24 Mixed Individual Succulent Plants

Based in Lara, Victoria (near Geelong)

This website has a long list of succulents to choose from and has a short description of the plant with regard to growth habit. The prices vary from $5.95 to $9.95. Many of their listings show as ‘Out of Stock’ which I assume means they cannot keep up with demand.  They also have a Quarterly Newsletter that profiles different Succulents, an Instagram and Facebook page.

Based in Queensland

This website also has a fairly large range with plants priced around $5.  They also sell at local markets in Queensland. It does not look as professional as the other websites but this is not a reflection on their succulents.


If you like Aloes then this website has a few to choose from.  This company has been around for years.  They also stock a few sedums and Echeveria.  Not really a one stop shop for succulents though.

Note:  If you are buying online make sure the website is secure.  If it is not secure your credit card details could be compromised.  If there is a Paypal option use this method of payment as this makes the payment secure.

There are people selling succulents on Gumtree.  Some succulent enthusiasts sell succulents from their front garden, so if there is someone local you may pick up a bargain or a new succulent variety.

Sending succulents via Australia Post
Not all States in Australia are able to receive plants via Australia Post.  These States are : Tasmania, Northern Territory and Western Australia as they have strict quarantine regulations.  Fines are applicable if you get caught! Succulents are sent ‘bare rooted’ which means they do not have any soil attached to them.

Buying Succulents on Ebay
We cannot buy seedlings/plants from outside of Australia from Ebay due to The Australian Government prohibiting importation of 3,335 potential weeds to protect the nation’s agriculture and environment.  So if you see a great deal on Ebay from Hong Kong or China make sure you check that the plants will not be stopped by customs when they enter the country.

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