What is a good succulent for the bathroom?

What is a good succulent for the bathroom?

Succulents are still very much ‘on trend’.  Even if you are not a succulent enthusiast you are still likely to appreciate a succulent in a nice pot or container in someone’s home.  Especially if it is not a plastic one!   Horror of all horrors!!!!

The bathroom is the most common room in someone’s house to see a sexy succulent.  However, due to the humidity from showering and baths a lot of succulents will just not survive in a bathroom unless they are indeed plastic!!  This is why I was so happy to find a succulent that survives in a bathroom and has done so for about two years.

The name of the succulent is a Haworthia Coarctata.  As pictured below.  It can be grown outdoors or inside your home.  Grown indoors it does grow alot slower and does not multiply as often but it still looks great in a small glass jar or any tiny pot.Haworthia coarctata

What care is required for a bathroom succulent?
The answer to this question is hardly any.  I water my succulent approximately every 4-6 weeks and only give it about  1 tablespoon of water.  If this succulent is ‘over’ watered it will rot and die.  A good way to remember to water your succulent is to water on the 1st of every month.  Then you can keep track of when you last watered it.  Even when it looks dry do not water it.  Also, as the succulent is in the bathroom it will receive some moisture from when the bathroom gets all steamy.

Will it grow in a pot without a hole in the bottom?
Yes it will.  Mine does.  You have to be very careful when you water a succulent that is growing in a pot without a drainage hole.  However, it is possible.  Mine is growing in a glass candle jar from Ikea.  With a glass jar you can see the water through the glass and see how wet the soil is.  Also if you put too much water you can always gently tip the jar to the side and pour any excess water out.  Just put your finger on the top of the succulent so you do not tip out the succulent as well.

The Haworthis Coarctata will also grow outdoors in the ground in shade or full sun.  The ones below have been growing in my garden for about 2 years.  As you can see they have grown some babies/pups.  These can be carefully broken off, re-potted and brought inside.  Even if you break off a part that does not have a root it will grow its own roots and happily continue to grow.

Haworthia coarctata growing in the ground Haworthia coarctata

The green colour of the Haworthia growing in the sun is lighter in colour than if it is growing inside or in the shade where the colour will be a lot darker green.

This Haworthia has very shallow roots so it is great for growing in any tiny pot or container.  I recently found a great use for all my old Pandora boxes.  I pulled out the black cardboard and put a tiny bit of soil in the bottom of the box and popped in a Haworthia Coarctata. It looks funky.

Succulent in a pandora box

There are probably a few succulents that wil grow/survive in a steamy room without much light.  However, I would like to point out that this is the only succulent that I ‘personally’ have had survive in my bathroom.