South Australian Succulent Society Spring Fair & other Succulent Societies

South Australian Succulent Society Spring Fair & other Succulent Societies

This weekend is the South Australian Succulent Society Spring Fair.  Of course I went along.  They have one in the Autumn as well.

All States in Australia have a Succulent Society.  Most Countries in the world have their own Club/Society. Some are very active and some are not. Unfortunately, for me, the South Australian one only has two fairs a year and a minimal website and Facebook page.  I was expecting their website to have lots of growing tips and discussion pages about Succulents, but alas, no.

Details are as follows:
Website :
Western Youth Centre
Marion Road, Cowandilla
They meet on the 3rd Friday of every month

However, the Australian Succulent Society website and Facebook page is a different story and posts photos of Succulents from around the world, helps you to identify plants and is well worth a look:  It has a link to its Facebook page and also has a YouTube channel where you can watch lots of videos.

South Australia Cacti and Succulent Society

Just after the doors opened at 10 am

South Australian Cacti & Succulent Society

There were a lot of different varieties.

Back to the Succulent Fair which is held at the Paynham Library! From past experience I get there early on the Saturday – it runs on the Sunday too. There is a long line to get in when it opens at 10 am.  If you wait until the Sunday there is not a lot left to choose from- that was my experience last year. It is set up in a small room with tables around the outside.  I am only 5″4″ and spend most of the time at the back of the pack trying to peer over people’s shoulders. You have to push your way through to the front if you want to get any Succulent buying action.  Some enthusiasts even bring their babies in prams and block the way to the seller’s tables!!

South Australian Succulent Society

Competition Table

South Australian Succulent Society Fair

Competition Table

The prices range from $4-$15.  They also have a competition table which members of the Society can enter. The table displays the entries and other Cacti and Succulent displays.  I had a long time to look at the entries as I had to queue up for 20 minutes around the table to purchase my wares.

If you live in other parts of Australia I have listed the websites for each State states Society’s website. They all have fairs that you can attend and have some Succulent fun.

WA –
TAS – Closed down in 1996
NT – unable to locate one

In Summary, I would say if you want to buy some Succulents that you cannot get at your local hardware store and would like to get some advice then make sure you check out the Autumn Fair next March/April.