hail damage to succulent

Damage after the hail Storm.

This Winter in Adelaide has certainly been out of the ordinary.  We have had weather events that are unprecedented!! So the State Government says!  I tend to agree.  In late July we had an amazing hail storm.  Not only did it hail but it laid on the ground for some time. Don’t get me wrong we have hail storms like any other state in Australia but not on a regular basis and not golf ball size.  I didn’t think much of it at the time not until I saw my Succulents in my front garden a few days after the storm.  I was amazed and at the same time devastated to see the effect that the hail had had on my wonderful plants.

Echeveria Before the hail storm

Slowing recovering after the hail storm.

The hail left black holes in the leaves, eventually they turned brown and went rather slimy.  I thought the best course of action was to cut them off with sharp secateurs so the plant could use its energy to produce new leaves. Which, after a week or so did happen.

I am guessing by the end of this Summer – 2017 I  will be unable to tell that the hail storm had effected them.  So, once again Succulents have amazed me with their resilience and hardiness in the Australian garden.

Needless to say, I have ear bashed a few family members and friends about my hail catastrophe so now I get messaged when there may be hail coming my way.  If I hear there is a chance of hail I will go out and put buckets and bowls over my plants in case of a repeat situation. Although I think just a quick hail storm that does not settle on the ground should not do any damage.

Photos (below) of the hail so that you can get an idea of how much we received and that it settled on the ground. These photos were taken from our neighbour’s house.  I was at work when the storm hit so I was unable to take photos of my garden with the hail.

hail-on-rockery hail-on-road

Below are a few photos of the hail damage on some Echeverias in my front garden.  The ice has literally burnt holes through the leaves.

Succulents with hail damage received_10154351800956460 Echeveria Succulent hail damage


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