Every garden in Australia (and the Southern Hemishphere) would have a full sun area.  Full sun can mean temperatures getting up to over 50ºC (122ºF)  for more than a few hours.  There are succulents that can survive these sorts of conditions; which is why I love succulents.  As I’ve mentioned in other posts not all succulents will survive full sun, they require some shade or their leaves tend to get sun burnt.

A number of succulents produce a waxy or powdery sun-protecting coating, often in delicate shades of pink, blue or pale lavender.  It is called ‘farina’.It’s thought to be the plant’s natural protection from strong sun (like their natural sunscreen)..  This coating will rub off at the slightest touch revealing the green photosynthesising surface underneath. Try not to rub the leaves as the farina will rub off very easily and it will lose its protective coating.

The following succulents ‘have’ survived full sun in my garden.  They have survived heatwaves of 3 days or more, which means  40ºC+ (104ºF) heat.

I know this is a common favourite among succulent lovers and I can see why. They are one of the prettier types of succulents with their gorgeous rosettes, they are quite hardy, do not need much water and YES they love full sun. They are also very photogenic as you can see below.  There are lots of different types and forms of this amazing succulent.  When they are growing in ideal conditions they will produce ‘pups’ – little babies that grow to the side of the parent plant.  They are low growing but eventually they will spread and form a beautiful carpet across your garden.  All of the Echeveria below have grown in full sun during this Summer through several heat waves.  Some echeveria have a wax or powdery layer on the leaves, this is a natural protection against the sun so try not to touch it or wipe it off.

Echeveria Succulent Echeveria Succulent Echeveria Succulent
Echeveria survives full sun Echeveria succulent in full sun echeveria succulent in full sun

There are some very hardy Crassula succulents.  The most common one is the Crassula Ovata – Jade plant. Hardy to me – meaning they love full sun. They also cope with some shade.  In full sun they have orange tipped leaves, in shade they are mostly green.  There are some interesting varieties.  I love the Crassula Aborescens – or Ripple Jade that looks like a lettuce (to me).  See below photo on the left.

Crassula OVata Crassula Ovata Crassula Ovata Jade Plant
Crassula Aborescens Ribbon Plant Crassula Ovata Crassula Ovata Jade Plant Succulent

I have had varying results with the Agave Attenuata in my garden.   Yes they definitely love full sun.  However, they sometimes take a few years to really grow well in a full sun position. Once established however, they do very well.  I have also had success growing Agave Attenuata in full shade.

Agave Attenuata Succulent Agave Attenuata Succulent Agave Attenuata Succulent and Cacti
Agave Attenuata Succulent Succulents Cacti in Australia Cacti Succulent Agave Attenuata

Another succulent that is hardy, loves full sun and is also spectacular is the Aloe succulent. They come in many shapes and sizes with the most common being the Aloe Vera.  There are some large Aloe succulents and some smaller varieties.

Aloe succulent Aloe Succulent

The Kalanchoe species is another succulent that can survive in full sun. They flower prolifically in the Winter and come in lots of different colours.  This is another succulent that you can snap a piece off and stick it in the ground and it will sprout roots and grow.

Kalanchoe Succulent Kalanchoe Succulent Flowers

Aeonium Aboreum
Aeonium Aboreum cope very well in full sun.  However, take note that this succulent has its growing period in the winter and is dormant in the summer.  So it will look very different in the summer but will survive full sun heat wave.

Aeonium Aboreum Fire Wise Succulent Dormant Aeonium Aboreum Aeonium Aboreum Succulent

Succulents in pots will not tolerate full sun as well as succulents in the ground!
These are a few of the succulents that I grow in my garden that love full sun conditions. Keep in mind that sun tolerance in a pot is much less than in the ground. The soil in your pot heats up on hot days and it can be fatal for plants. Even when air temperatures are mild, pots standing in full sun become hot. The temperature of potting mix inside a pot can be 10 degrees or more above the air temperature. The roots in pots cannot cope in extreme temperatures and die.  Keep this in mind when you buy a new succulent in a black plastic pot from the nursery.

The succulents that love full sun also do not require a lot of water.  That is a win win situation.  They can make do with annual rainfall or a good watering if you get the time.

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